Studio At Work
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          STUDIO AT WORK-A Journal of Work in Progress

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The tail is so slender that it cannot be fastened from the inside.  Here it is pieced together and tacked to the cat’s body. 

The angle of feet to a solid surface is adjusted before the piece is broken from the mold.  Straps and bricks reinforce positioning and welding.

The mold continues to support the body past the interior welding process.

The left arm & hand warped in casting.  Overall the design of the piece was too closed.  It didn’t have the depth it needed to carry the textured surface.

The left arm is being replaced. Its stronger configuration means that the right arm, legs and feet will need to be adjusted.

Moving the arm allows fuller facial configuration.  The new face is cast.

Studio At Work
More Kneeling FigureMary_Block_Sculpture_Studio_At_Work_Kneeling_Figure.htmlMary_Block_Sculpture_Studio_At_Work_Kneeling_Figure.htmlMary_Block_Sculpture_Studio_At_Work_Kneeling_Figure.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1